Sell adult content with cryptocurrency

Not a fan of 20% platform fees? Neither are we. Sensual is a self-marketing platform for selling videos & photo sets at a fraction of the cost.

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Power to content creators

The easiest & fairest way to sell NSFW content using file links & store pages.

File links

Short URLs for self-marketing content without paying excessive platform fees.

Store page

Get a sleek store page and let your fans buy multiple files with one payment.

No chargebacks

Payment is 100% guaranteed on every sale, just like it should be.

Currency conversion

Avoid crypto volatility by listing your products for sale in USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD, CAD, CHF or SGD.

Lightning payments

Instant payouts to your external BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH, TZEC, BCH, DOGE, XMR or TRX wallet.

Encrypted files

Every file is encrypted, split into pieces, and stored on a global network of nodes.

Seemless checkout

Fans never leave your personal store with an integrated crypto payment experience.

Sensitive content

Protect NSFW/18+ file pages with sensitive content warnings.

Creator dashboard

Manage files, view payments & see what fans are buying from the creator dashboard.

Detailed statistics

View sales metrics and page traffic data with no 3rd party integrations.

Flat discounts

Add incentive to buy multiple files with minimum order total or number of file discounts.


Increase profit & keep leads to yourself

Promoting links to content creator platforms that expose your leads to competitors through creator directories doesn't make a lot of sense. Neither does paying excessive commission fees that cover the platform's marketing costs.

As a genuine self-marketing tool, Sensual never exposes your fans to competitors and offers you fairer commission rates.

Give fans convenience & privacy

It's all too easy to 'steal' subscription or PPV content these days and there's a growing number of savvy fans who expect to be able to save your work to their collection - so why not make it even easier with a Personal Use license?

Sensual gives your fans the benefits of discreet payment, direct download convenience, lower prices, higher definition media, unique content compilations and more privacy.

A better future for NSFW creators

The credit card industry imposes strict regulations and excessive fees which only hold creators back, robbing them of what is rightfully theirs.

Sensual's mission is to free creators from the chains of tradtional payment processors by providing both creators and fans with an alternative platform they love.


No monthly fees. Only pay commission when you make a sale.


+ $0.30/sale

No monthly fees
Unlimited* files
2 GB maximum file size
Download abuse prevention
Store page & file links
Encrypted files
Instant payment to any wallet
Sales & traffic statistics
Export transaction data
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Frequently asked questions

It's time to accept the only way to protect your content from piracy is by using a watermark.

A simple browser extension is all that's needed to 'steal' or save in-platform content to a device with no technical knowledge. If your entire catalog is published under a subscription model, there's not a lot stopping someone from downloading your work to their device and cancelling the subscription. The same applies for PPV content.

Sensual is founded on the idea that a fan who values their own collections should have the right to keep a copy for personal use. Offering unique direct downloads at lower prices as an alternative for technically minded audiences can increase your overall profits. 

You will need a way to market your Sensual links to an audience, such as sending traffic from bio link pages or posting on popular platforms.

Selling unique or exclusive content compilations in archive file format at lower prices than other platforms can help increase conversions.

The platform is best suited for selling archives and video files. Archives can include photo sets and/or videos.

You can upload custom preview images for each file and include a video preview hosted by Vimeo.

Creator files are stored on a decentralized cloud storage platform. This means as well as being encrypted at rest, the files are split into parts and stored across multiple locations for added security.

Fans can download your file a maximum of 3 times (to allow for connection loss or downloading the file directly to another device). Files are served with temporary URLs and expire after a few minutes. Fans are able to contact support if for some reason their download attempts are unsuccessful.

Yes, video streaming is possible through temporary access pages.

Instantly (almost). Payouts to your external wallet address are made as soon as the fan's transaction is confirmed, which usually takes 15-60min depending on which cryptocurrency they pay with.

The fan opt-in feature can be enabled from the seller dashboard. This allows the fan to choose whether or not you have access to their email address for direct contact or exporting lists as CSV, XLS file. Fans can also provide their name if they choose.

Yes, you can view up to 365 days transaction history in the user dashboard and specify date ranges. There's also convenient tools for manipulating the data columns for CSV, Excel export.

Unanswered questions? Feel free to contact us
How to get started
Create an account and configure your store in just a few minutes.
Upload files, set prices and add preview images/video.
Use marketing channels to drive traffic to your store page and file links.
Creator verification required for continued use and storage quota increases.

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Make the most of the crypto revolution the smart way and maximize your profits.

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